Tahoe: Land, Air, & Water


As we were leaving Lake Tahoe the other day, after a brief visit for some swimming and bicycling,  I asked M- if I was right in seeing a hot air balloon over the lake.

He was driving and could not see what I was looking at, but he also could not believe there was a balloon hovering over the water.  In fact, he pretty much suggested I ought to put on my glasses.

More than eleven years ago, we went hot air ballooning over Dixon, California, not the most picturesque adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.  What we learned from our Dixon experience is that ballooning is, for the most part, a pretty tranquil experience.  However, the landing is something else.  We ended our trip sailing through an alfalfa field horizontally, slowing only as we struck hay bales.  Our question as we stopped to take photos of the balloon was focused on what sort of a landing strip these balloonists would find.

Below the balloonists, a pair of paddle boarders skimmed across the almost still surface, and people were already setting up camp on the shore.